Kelli Loxx

Runtime: 19:43
VIEWS: 9294

DESCRIPTION Wassup all you transsexual lovers in the world! Today we’ve brought to you one of the sexiest TS girls on the scene. The beautiful Kelli Lox. Our boy is out and about on a mission to get back to Miami but has ran out of luck.Ramon goes to great lengths to get some cash together to get back home. He resorts to shaking that moneymaker on the strip for some tips. He moonwalks,twerks, and shakes it, but has no luck.He runs into some characters while on his mission. After a couple of hours our lovely Kelli Lox strolls by and gives him a hand. Ramon knows a thirsty TS when he sees one, he runs after her with one thing in mind.To exchange some huge cock for some extra change if you know what I mean. After promising our lovely Kelli Lox a suprise he gets right down to work for some help on his mission to get back to Miami.Watch what happens next in "Twerk on This" with the infamous Monstercock and lovely Kelli Lox!