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DESCRIPTION We’re out and about on these streets doing what we do best. Searching and picking up the sexiest transsexuals around the globe. Today we’re taking a stroll with Mr.Monstercock himself Ramon while we stumble upon this luscious beauty. We’re in luck today because this one came out of nowhere folks. Sweet and sexy Sharlot is out and about and we make the move. We waste no time in tracking that ass down. Of course Ramon is the gentleman to make the first move. He uses that "We’re looking for models" line as his staple. We’re not hating though, because it seems to work fine. Sharlot simply is a freak who knows what’s about to happen. One look at those perfect ,perky tits and we know she’s down. This one has skills folks, her cock-riding and dick sucking skills are on point. She starts off shy, but she honestly just wants that ass fucked!. Let’s welcome lovely Sharlot to Trans500 in ’Riding Around and Gettin’ it"