Hey That’s My Bike!

Runtime: 17:42
VIEWS: 8500

DESCRIPTION Hey fellow TS lovers! We’re back for a huge treat on this Friday.Nothing is better than taking pleasure in the great weather we have here in Miami! We have our sexy chocolate honey Brooke Morgan enjoying a bike ride around town when she makes a quick stop to run an errand.After a couple of minutes, who do we have here!? Our boy Ramon is on the creep and takes off with the lovely Brooke’s bike. What kind of person would do that you ask? Come on, you guys know our boy Ramon real well by now, the only way he’s giving it back is if hes getting some hardcore tranny-lovin in return. After Brooke runs and catches him,his plan is on! Its like Ramon has some amazing power that makes Brooke simply hand over that ass! Lets start the weekend just right with this action packed tranny-ass-pounding scene! Here we go ladies and gentlemen....Brooke Morgan and MonsterCock Ramon in : "Hey thats my bike!"